To make this wine rack/glass holder you will need these items:

  • Welder.  This may be a Mig welder or gas or electric unit.
  • Hand held 4″ grinder.
  • Square
  • Steel layout table
  • Wire brush
  • Your choice of coating/finish treatment.
  • 7 horseshoes size #0.

Please watch the video before deciding if you want to make this project.  It shows all of the equipment and supplies you will need in addition to the horseshoes.

Select from:  Diamond Classic

You can save some cutting and welding of the wine glass holders by using these alternative items

  • 5  size #0 horseshoes
  • 2 Pony shoes for the glass holder.  Diamond Pony size #1

Here is an instructional video of how to complete the project.  In this video the artist uses the diamond brand.