Farrier Price Worksheet

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Determining a fair price to charge for your skill and experience of shoeing horses can be daunting.  You want to be fair to your clients AND to yourself and your family.

Successful farriers establish their prices based on sound business and bookkeeping guidelines.This spreadsheet requires that you spend a little time to enter your expenses accurately, but in the end it will calculate how much you need to charge for each horse you shoe in order to meet all of your business and family financial requirements.

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Spanish Lake Shop Talk Videos

The Business Side of a Farrier’s Life: Part One

Julie Schwalm presents “Putting Technology to Work for You,” a program on Business Practices for farriers. Julie designed the online software, iForgeAhead specifically for keeping records of a farrier business. Many farrier’s express frustration over the business side of their practice. This is one of the best programs to take a lot of the drudgery off the farrier. iForgeAhead helps keep detailed records of each horse, hoof quality, shoe sizes and styles, as well as storing photos and videos to record progress and changes of each horse. All business records from purchases to invoicing are easily done from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The Business Side of a Farrier’s Life: Part Two

In part two of Spanish Lake’s Shop Talk “The Business Side of a Farrier’s Life,” Mr. Nathan Essary of the Missouri Farm Bureau presents and discusses insurance for farrier tools and equipment, as well as liability and other protections.

Educational Video Channels

Business Reference

Dealing with difficult clients – Here are a few articles that provide perspective for dealing with a difficult client.

Building Good Client Relationships


The Natural Angle Newsletter

The Natural Angle is a cooperative, quarterly newsletter. Farrier Product Distribution, a major supplier of farrier products has joined Spanish Lake Blacksmith shop and several other supply shops to produce this award winning newsletter.

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Blacksmith Links

    National Artist-Blacksmith Association
  • Blacksmith’s Association of Missouri
    Missouri Blacksmiths have an active association.  They meet regularly at member’s shops throughout the state, providing educational training, sharing techniques and information.  They hold an annual 3-4 day event each May at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO.
  • The Blacksmith’s Journal
    The Blacksmiths Journal a publication that many believe is the best blacksmithing resource magazine available.


  • Farrier Product Distribution
    Distributors of high quality farrier products. Kerckhaert horseshoes, Vector nails, Bloom Forge tools and more.
  • Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
    The Delta Mustad company manufactures and distributes products related to hoofcare and farriery.  They also provide excellent educational information for farriers, veterinarians and horse professionals.