The Natural Angle – newsletter

The Natural Angle is a cooperative, quarterly newsletter. Farrier Product Distribution, a major supplier of farrier products has joined Spanish Lake Blacksmith shop and several other supply shops to produce this award winning newsletter.

Farrier Product Distribution

Distributors of high quality farrier products. Kerckhaert horseshoes, Vector nails, Bloom Forge tools and more.

Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

  The Delta Mustad company manufactures and distributes products related to hoofcare and farriery.  They also provide excellent educational information for farriers, veterinarians and horse professionals.

Kerckhaert Horseshoes

Royal Kerckhaert Company is a  family owned and operated company that has been producing horseshoes and farrier related products for  over 100 years.
Shoe specs and information about the Kerckhaert brand of horseshoes is available here.

American Farriers Association

The largest professional farrier association in U.S.

American Farriers Journal

Wide variety of farrier related information

Hoofcare and Lameness Journal

A quarterly magazine dedicated to hoof matters.

Dennis Cappel Systems

Professional training for horse and rider. Farrier classes offered.

Blacksmith Links


National Artist-Blacksmith Association

Blacksmith’s Association of Missouri

Missouri Blacksmiths have an active association.  They meet regularly at member’s shops throughout the state, providing educational training, sharing techniques and information.  They hold an annual 3-4 day event each May at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO.

The Blacksmith’s Journal

The Blacksmiths Journal a publication that many believe is the best blacksmithing resource magazine available.