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The new Kerckhaert SX-10 and SX-8 Select Hind shoes offer exciting new options in the SX Series.

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Now through December 31, 2020

JH Forge Special


Now through November 30, 2020 JH Forge Hoof Knives are $75.00 (regularly $88.00).


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Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop is a mid-west farrier supply shop located in Missouri. We specialize in a variety of farrier supplies and tools: horseshoes, horseshoeing tools, horseshoe nails and forging equipment. We are proud to carry the most popular products in the industry, including brands such as Kerckhaert, Liberty, Capewell, Delta, St. Croix, Bellota Rasps and Bloom Forge Tools. We offer a complete range of tools for the professional to help get the job done.

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Treating a Horse With Low Heels Using Digital Support Pads and Synthetic Frog

In this video Dr. Simon Curtis looks at how to treat a low heeled horse with prolapsed frog, by using Michael Puhl PM pads.

PM Frog support pad for horses

>> PM Hoof Pad Flat
>> PM Hoof Pad Wedge