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The St. Croix SureFit horseshoes are designed to reduce the amount of work at the anvil. The front and hind patterns have excellent shape which reduces forging time. The SureFit are made of high quality steel in a pattern and dimensions without adding excess weight. The V-crease helps to provide secure nail fit.

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Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop is a mid-west farrier shop located in Missouri. We provide horseshoes, farrier tools, horseshoeing tools and forging equipment. We are proud to carry the most popular brands in the farrier industry, including Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Liberty Horseshoe Nails, Capewell Horseshoe Nails, Delta Horseshoe Nails, St. Croix Horseshoes, Bellota Rasps, Vector Horseshoe Nails and Bloom Forge Tools. From steel horseshoes to race plates, and a complete range of farrier tools, we can help you get the job done.

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