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Kerckhaert Standard
Toe Weights

These shoes are ideal for Missouri Fox Trotters, Arabian Show horses and other breeds who perform better with forward weighted shoes.  Available in sizes 1 and 2.  May be used with or without pads.



Bloom Forge Push Gouge

The Bloom Forge Push Gouge is ideal for undercutting clinches, this push gouge has a nylon handle and gouge that inserts snugly. The gouge is set up on both ends of the insert in the event that one gets damaged, pull the steel gouge out of the handle, turn it around and reinsert it into the handle.



St. Croix Aluminum
Advantage Wedge

St. Croix Advantage Aluminum 3° Wedge is designed to provide an optimal balance between support and weight for a horse that needs an increased angle.   The front shape typically requires minimal shaping and the steel wear insert keeps the toe from wearing out.  The V-creased profile design promotes breakover while providing traction.  This shoe comes with side clips. Punched for a Slim Blade #5 nail.



How To Cope With Rising Prices

As manufacturers are raising prices for farrier products, please take a moment and be sure you have a clear understanding of what your overall cost of doing business is, and whether you are charging enough for your work.  Click on the link provided for more information on current price changes.  Be sure to download and complete the worksheet we have provided below to better understand how these price increases might affect your profits.

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