Michael Puhl frog pads wedge - large
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$11.50 for 1+
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The PM Hoof Pad Wedge is an aid to eliminate increased strain on tendons, heels and soles. These pads are sold by EACH.  Often the farrier will need a wedge pad on one hoof and a flat pad on the other hoof.

The PM Hoof Pad Wedge has the same tendon-supporting effect by its frog-shaped concavity – leading to a static/balance improvement as the PM Flat pad, but restores proper AP balance when the farrier must trim heels on a low heel horse. In addition it provides much better pressure distribution on frog and sole, which is the outstanding benefit. The space left between the hoof and the PM Hoof Pad is then filled with an Impression Hoof Packing like Equilox Hoof Support Pink (soft) .  This system is an excellent choice for horses with low/run under heels.

View Dr. Simon Curtis show the application of this PM Hoof Pad here.

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