Meister Hufeisen

Developed for the German market, the Meister offers wider stock at the toe and heel to provide added support. The quarters are slightly narrower for eaisier shaping.

This is one of the most popular horseshoes for Hunters

The Kerckhaert Meister is a series designed and made for the German market; therefore, the sizing is different. The number on the Meister shoe is two sizes larger than normal Kerckhaert sizing for riding shoes (see chart below).

In addition, the mark on the Meister shoe is a "D" instead of the "K" you find on the regular Kerckhaert shoe. Meister Fronts are symmetrical.

Meister size 5 equals Kerckhaert size 3
Meister size 6 equals Kerckhaert size 4
Meister size 7 equals Kerckhaert size 5.

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