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Shoe Style Descriptions
  • Eventer Rolled toe with full crease, available in clipped or unclipped, front & hind pattern.
  • Plain- America's basic flat, creased horseshoe.
  • Heeled- Clean, angled heel caulks help horses on rough ground.
  • Toe & Heeled - Rounded toe grab eases breakover while providing good traction.
  • Rim - Full crease with rolled toe and outside rim traction..
  • Light Plain, Light Heeled, Light Toe & Heeled and Light Rim The lighter version of our standard horseshoes.
  • Ultra Light Rim Traction without weight, like a training plate.
  • Polo Light weight, high inside rim, helps all athletic horses.
  • EZ shoes - Wide web, front and hind pattern. Clipped or unclipped.
  • Xtra Extra width in a standard "keg" shoe.
  • Subcategories:
              Light Plain
              Lite Rim
              Lite Heeled
              Toe & Heel
              Light Toe & Heel
              Ultra Light Rim
              Polo Shoes
              Mule Shoes

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