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McLane Farrier Aprons

We are now stocking Myron McLane farrier aprons.  These aprons are the top of the line in farrier aprons.  They are made of heavy Cotton Duck cloth for durability and comfort.  There are many great features to McLane aprons that provide the farrier with comfort and safety.

They are available in waist sizes of S-M-L

Click on the links below to see how these American made aprons can work for you.

McLane Original Apron

McLane Padded Apron


How to adequately price you work

Farrier Price Worksheet

Select the link above to view and download our Farrier Price Worksheet.  The sheet allows you to enter the maximum number of horses you shoe each month, followed by your business and household expenses.  Formulas throughout the worksheet calculate how much you must charge per horse to cover all expenses and make a profit for the business.  The price per horse will change depending on the total expenses and the number of horses you enter into the worksheet.  Pop up explanations help guide you through the process.

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Multi-tool attachment for bench grinder

This versatile tool removes material up to 5 times faster than with the equivalent grit grinding wheel.

It is an excellent grinder attachment for horseshoers and tool workers.

To be installed on a 1/2 hp grinder motor, sold separately.



Jet 6" 1/2 hp grinder

Jet 1/2 hp motor for attaching the Multitool 362 attachment.


Multitool MLT 362 Demo

Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop is a mid-west farrier shop located in Missouri.  We provide horseshoes, farrier tools, horseshoeing tools and forging equipment.  We are proud to carry the most popular brands in the farrier industry, including Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Liberty Horseshoe Nails, Capewell Horseshoe Nails, Delta Horseshoe Nails, St. Croix Horseshoes, Bellota Rasps, Vector Horseshoe Nails and Bloom Forge Tools.  From steel horseshoes to race plates, and a complete range of farrier tools, we can help you get the job done.