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February 20


Reading & Understanding Radiographs for Farriers

There will be presentations and practical hands on instruction using the latest technology.  The program will involve all attendees in reading and using radiographs in the field to better serve the horses in our care.  Farriers, veterinarians and vet students are welcome.

The day will include evaluating and shoeing two horses with problems.

There is no charge for the program.
Please let us know you will attend:


Liberty 8 Regular Nails

Liberty is rapidly becoming the preferred nail for many farriers.  The high quality and precise specifications provide consistent driving.  The nails have excellent points and outstanding finish.  Now available in a size 8 Regular head.

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Exim Rasps

Exim is short for Eximius, excellent in Latin. Exim Rasps are made in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, renowned for its steel and steel products manufacturing history. Exim Rasps are made to exacting standards using purpose-built, state of the art machines and processes.


PLR Natural Balance

The NB PLR (Performance Leverage Reduction) shoe is designed to meet the increased demands placed upon performance horses.

Snow Pads

Winter snow conditions create a balling situation on the bottom of horses hooves.  Snow ball pads and snow rim pads are a good way to minimize the damaging effects of snow.  For the comfort and safety of your horse, discuss this option with your farrier.

Winter presents challenges for horse owners.  This video shows farriers how to properly apply snow rim pads to address the issue of snow packing in the horse’s hoof.


Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop is a mid-west farrier shop located in Missouri.  We provide horseshoes, farrier tools, horseshoeing tools and forging equipment.  We are proud to carry the most popular brands in the farrier industry, including Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Liberty Horseshoe Nails, Capewell Horseshoe Nails, Delta Horseshoe Nails, St. Croix Horseshoes, Bellota Rasps, Vector Horseshoe Nails and Bloom Forge Tools.  From steel horseshoes to race plates, and a complete range of farrier tools, we can help you get the job done.